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ATM Anlagentechnik Mittenwalde GmbH

About us

ATM is a Sollerer Group company and is 100% family owned.

Alexander and Markus Sollerer are CEO's of ATM.

The roots of our production plant are in the 1950’s in the former DDR
as when the “Kühlautomat Berlin” factory was founded.

In the 1990 when the DDR collapsed, “Kühlautomat” was bought by GEA
and the pressure vessel production was separated from “Kühlautomat”.

The pressure vessel production was then taken over in 2010
by the Sollerer family.

Our Team has a long history in building Heat Exchangers and Pressure Vessel.



Our customers are the GEA Group, Wettstein AG Switzerland, Parker, Climatic, Kreutzträger and other international companies.

Production Halls: 2 ; 1 cabin for shotblasting and 2 cabins for painting


Non-destructive testing:

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